3 Interesting Facts about Valdosta State University

Valdosta, Georgia is a primary South Georgia hub with a beautiful anchor – Valdosta State University. You can get the small town “everybody knows everybody” feel while being in Valdosta, but benefit from the growth of the city and addition of new cultures and faces brought to town through Air Force relocation or college enrollment. Home to Moody Air Force Base, a beautiful historic downtown district with dining, entertainment and businesses, and a thriving University with 11,000 to 12,000 students currently enrolled, Valdosta offers a great mix of lifetime locals and new arrivals.

These three interesting facts provide a little insight into the University that is conveniently located just miles down the road from our Valdosta, GA apartment homes.

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Top 5 Plants for Your Valdosta, GA Apartment Home

When considering how to decorate your Valdosta apartment home, it can be hard to find plants that accommodate both limited space and light. Indoor plants can have many benefits from adding to the décor to cleaning the air. If you want to add a more welcoming and lively vibe to your home, check out these 5 plants.

apartments in valdosta ga house plants

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5 Reasons to Ditch Taxis and Start Ubering Around Valdosta, GA

There is a good chance that you have heard of Uber from your friends or on social media/the news. But for those of you who have not, Uber is a car service that you can request from the convenience of your smart phone or watch. With a touch of a button you can pick your car class, hire a private driver and have him or her take you to your Valdosta-area destination. Typically, your driver will arrive in minutes. You can even watch on the app as your driver is in route to pick you up.  Also, if you need some extra cash in your pocket you can sign up to drive for Uber in your down time. It’s a good opportunity to make some really great money on the side!

Uber in Valdosta GA

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Traveling on a Budget with Airbnb

Who doesn’t love a vacation that won’t break the bank? If you are in still in school full time or a young professional just starting out, money isn’t something you typically have a lot of to spend on a lavish vacation.

Looking at expenses, hotels can be the bank-breaker for many. Did you know that there is now a service that allows you to rent other people’s home for a getaway anywhere in the US and beyond, typically for much lower rates than hotels? As Airbnb’s campaign slogan says “Don’t go there. Live there.” Renting someone else’s home during a vacation not only has the pricing benefits, it changes the entire experience of your trip.

vacations near valdosta ga

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